The Professor's Obsession - Jennie's Story

How can one girl have so much happen when all she is doing is going to college? Jennie, a pre-med sophomore, is selected to lead a student mission team to work at an orphanage in Africa. Who would guess she would find herself mixed up with terrorists, a drug cartel, the FBI? Or, on campus with her best friend’s rebellion over an abortion? Then there’s the pesky professor who seems to turn up everywhere she goes, no matter how hard she tries to get rid of him. And what of that professor who is love-sick from the first day he sees her? Will he risk his job trying to date a student? Out-of-Here has new meaning. . . .

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No Safe College - A "must read" novel for parents and pre-college teens

No Safe College focuses on Joan, a girl who is naive, father dominated, and the first of her family to go to college. Her parents send her to an isolated religious school, thinking she will be safe from what is happening at other colleges. From the time she meets her roomate, her freshman world becomes one of uncertainty, forays into drugs and alcohol, and an escape from rape that finally opens her life to the positive experiences available to her on campus.

Joan, now in midlife, tells the story to her daughter in the hope that even though her daughter will have to face all she did and much more, she will make better choices in college and truly be safe.

Drawn from the author's college counseling and administrative experiences, this novel can help both parents and pre college teens prepare for that all important freshman year.

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To Life! A Book of Poetry and Songs

From the joy of being alive through the days of falling in love, raising a family, finding faith - questioning and living it - changing, maturing, and finally facing life's closure, this book of poetry presents it all. Then, in case that isn't enough, a bevy of songs are added to express life yet another way.

There is joy: "The laughter started way down low,
                     Maybe in my great big toe-"

Contemplation: "A wing-ed bird chirps out the first dawn call
                          And soon pink sky is flooded with sound.


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Spaghetti From The Chandelier

The true, rib-tickling, heart-warming story of the first 15 years of ministry in a pastor's family; full of love and laughter, spiced with frustration and almost disaster.

They were young and in love and called to serve the Lord. And perhaps if Ruth and Lee Truman had even suspected what lay ahead, they might have turned and fled, but thank goodness they didn't. Or we would have missed this warm and often hilarious look at life within the goldfish bowl of the ministry.

From their very first church appointment, it became obvious that the Trumans would attract humorous and bizarre situations throughout their lives. How else can they explain the Bali dancer at the church social? Or the frozen chickens that spilled across the highway and nearly caused hypothermia? Or the church that looked like a half-buried septic tank? Or the parishioner who served coffee from her hot-water bottle?

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Not of This Fold

Thousands of years in the future, the issues of today are fulfilled. But what planet is this? Who are the people, if not human beings? And what is Jesus doing on this planet? A fictional tale to challenge your thinking . . . .

Jesus awakens from the crucifixion on a strange planet, in a strange body, not knowing where--or even who--he is. The two Goldskins who find him and the Master Teacher who retrains him all wonder who he is, where has he come from? Why does he not have a number on his silver body? And what planet is this, where the population is divided by skin color with life work determined at puberty by a mysterious "Great Being"? What does the Genetic Council have to do with what goes on? Will the evil Dr. Davree's plan succeed? Is revolution the only way the citizens of the Planet of Light can escape their bondage?

In Not of This Fold, the reader answers these questions as he or she looks into the distant future and the distant past, and perhaps finds answers for living today.

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Underground Manual for Minister's Wives (and Other Bewildered Women)

A humorous survival guide for pastors' wives and laywomen. The struggle for faith, self and home, while nurturing the workaholic husband and halo-skewed children.

Together we search for meaning in our personal lives. Together we nurture husbands, raise children whose halos are perpetually off-center, move from place to place, and try to keep our reputations translucently pure. Together, we wives of ministers and the wives of all other men struggle for the faith that will keep them on God's life-fulfilling path.

Perhaps not every single word will fit you if you are a layman's wife, but those that don't certainly will help you understand your pastor better. Then with missionary zeal, you must see that each officer of your church has Underground Manual! The compassion that will ensue may lead your minister's family to believe the Kingdom is surely coming--and it is! So, hurry!

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How to be A Liberated Christian

A practical guidebook for readers wishing to explore a Christ-centered faith while remaining free from the control of rigid theologies or authoritarian churches.

True spiritual freedom--a liberating of the whole person in Christ--is an essential part of mature Christian living. Ruth Truman has discovered it for her life, and in this encouraging book, she shows readers how to acquire this freedom and wholeness for their own lives.

Speaking from personal experiences of examining, discarding, and arriving at solutions, she plots a course for maturity in Christian living today. Dr. Truman includes the basics of becoming a Christian; learning to pray; reading the Scriptures; rejoicing; dealing with special attitudes and problems of singles, singles-again, and married persons; parenting; feelings; and coping with today's society.

It's all here, the entire sequence of choices to be faced and decisions to be made as you move along into a successful liberating Christian life-style. The result is a life totally committed to Christ, knowing yourself, recognizing the possibilities in that self through Christ, and projecting your new self-image into the world around you. This honest, revealing book opens up new and endless possibilities for continuing creative Christianity.

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